Program Manager:

The individual in this position is responsible for applying his or her professional knowledge and skills in the assisting of area businesses in converting paper records into usable electronic forms, specifically in QuickBooks. The purpose is to assist businesses with useful operational, financial and other information designed to assist in decision making, management and the formulation of business decisions. This individual is responsible for managing interns and reporting issues, progress and opportunities to the President as well as coordinating with Accountants and Educational professionals geared to assist in the generation of work and the connection of professionals to business clients.

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We usually have a number of opportunities to volunteer with NCDC or in the community.  Volunteering can help provide career experience and give you a venue to meet new people and make connections. It also gives you a sense of giving back.  If you are interested in volunteering, we would love to hear from you!

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NCDC can often work with your college or university to structure a program that will allow you to get course credits.  With an internship you can explore a career without making a lifetime commitment. Reading or learning about a job can not compare with actually having the experience.  You can see how a job feels to you and whether or not you think you would make a career of it.  Often we can let you touch several job opportunities in the office letting you get a taste for several career paths.

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