Business Spotlight: The Royal Punjabi

This summer, Norwich welcomed yet another new business: The Royal Punjabi! The Indian and chicken wing restaurant opened its doors July 16, 2018 and has been well received by the Norwich community—including NCDC! We highly recommend checking it out (if you have not done so already!) CLICK HERE to read the more about The Royal Punjabi opening!

A Sit Down with Julio Cancho

Q: Where were you born & raised?
Julio: Peru, South America.

Q: What is your role at Canggio?
Julio: I’m the owner, the executive chef, dishwasher, referee… everything you can possibly think of.

Q: When did you open Canggio Restaurant?
Julio: August 21, 2017

Q: When did you enter the restaurant business?
Julio: Right after high school, I started helping my dad in a restaurant. My first job was as a dishwasher at a restaurant in West Springfield, MA. From there, I began working for all kinds of restaurants—French cuisine in West Hartford, Mediterranean in Bloomfield, Greek/Italian in Hartford.

Q: What was your most fulfilling moment working in the food industry?
Julio: When I worked at J Restaurant and Bar in Hartford, my first executive chef job, I got to cook for a lot of people I never in my life would have imagined I’d have the opportunity to cook for. I’ve cooked for Andy Grammer, Jason Alexander, Bob Newhart, and John Leguizamo.

Q: Why did you decide to open in Norwich?
Julio: People here are great. Everyone gives you their hand and is so ready to help you succeed. One thing that we, as Norwich, have is that we work together.

Q: If someone was trying to open up their own business or restaurant, what advice would you give them?
Julio: Don’t give up. It’s easy to give up or walk-away. But follow your goals; you need to give yourself time to make it happen. There have been times that I’ve felt that it’s not worth the struggle, but at the end of the day, when I see customers loving the dishes we make for them that they come back for more—that makes it for me. You’re going to have people there to support you, keep working towards what you believe in.

Q: What are you most looking forward to within the next year or two?
Julio: Within the next two years, 1) I want to grow Canggio and make it self-sustaining with the crew that I have and 2) I want to open a prohibition-type bar (speakeasy)…with elegant appetizers and secret entrances, hopefully right here in Norwich. I like the idea of it because I feel it’s new and innovative, and it offers something different. Norwich has given me so much; I feel it’s important to give back to the community that believed in me in the first place.

Canggio’s can be found at 20 Lafayette Street, Norwich, CT 06360.

Featured Story: Foundry 66

Foundry 66 has opened its second floor! The addition features two large conference rooms, a yoga and dance studio, and media room. The new space features six offices and 12 designated desks. The design and color were inspired by Sedona Mountain Skyline. (We felt after walking up two flights of stairs you should be rewarded with a delightful array of colors & textures much like the scenery in Sedona!) F66 is hosting a variety of workshops, including Small Business Academy (collaboration with Liberty Bank) and Fall Lunch and Learns, “Creating Your Brand” and “Interactive Enneagram Workshops.”

To schedule a tour of Foundry 66 or to inquire about upcoming workshops, please contact Jill Fritzsche: or call 860-887-6964.

Preston Riverwalk and Mohegan Sun Progress

It has been in the news for many months, but the Mohegan Tribe is investing heavily in the region. Of course, they are adding many venues and improving the assets at Mohegan Sun as good businesses do.  This showed up most recently as the addition of the $80MM Convention and Conference Center which is designed to draw thousands to the region for years to come.  This was the site of the 3rd of the Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction events since 2015. Many other recognizable trade shows will be hosted here, furthering eastern Connecticut as a destination for many people and organizations.

Additionally, the Town of Preston via the Preston Redevelopment Agency, and the Mohegan Tribe have agreed on the purchase of the former Norwich Hospital site in Preston, approximately 400+ acre development. The conceptual master plan shows the development including everything from residential housing and retail support services to large format entertainment and theme parks to indoor waterpark and hotels with banquet halls. In all, an estimated investment range of $200,000,000-$600,000,000 over the full buildout. If you pass by the site via automobile along RT12 or the Mohegan Pequot Bridge, or from the Thames River, you will see much of the overgrowth thinned out and huge stockpiles of clean fill accumulated on the southwestern corner of the site. This is all in preparation for environmental remediation of the soils under the old roadbeds.


Global City Norwich Hosts Peruvian Fest

On July 29th, 2018 Global City Norwich hosted Peruvian Fest 2018, a community block party which celebrated the proclamation of independence for Peru. Over 1,500 attended from areas all over New England. We teamed up with the Peruvians United of CT and reached out to the large population of Peruvians (approx. 5,000) in the Norwich community to participate with traditional folk dances, traditional music, food and art. Peruvian and non-Peruvian people attended the festival and participated as vendors. The fest boasted a giant waterslide, a llama and two alpacas, and children’s games. The only two Peruvian restaurants within our county (New London) attended the festival as vendors. The minister for the Consulate General of Peru surprised us as well as honored us with his presence. Other public officials such as the Senator, State Rep, Mayor, City Council members attended as well as many community leaders of the Norwich area and local areas. The festival speaks volumes as a direct result of the festival is the gain of two new Foundry 66 members who will be utilizing the new space upstairs for MixxedFit and Zumba classes. Global City Norwich serves to unite the community together by celebrating, supporting and encouraging all facets of diversity and culture through global themed events. With the overall objective to stimulate economic growth, entrepreneurship and community building Global City Norwich is perfectly in line with the mission and spirit of the NCDC (Norwich Community Development Corporation) as we complete the first quarter.

In addition to creating community events, GCN also gears up other projects. One of our ongoing projects is hanging global flags throughout Downtown Norwich and mounting them to store fronts. Global Flags compass a range of flags from different countries as well as tribal flags. This project since starting in June, has had an overwhelmingly positive impact in our community as well as throughout neighboring regions. Engaging with business owners, landlords and residents as we ask permission, educate and give information about GCN and the purpose of the flags has sparked cohesiveness in Downtown in just the few short months of GCN’s existence.

Meeting and engaging with a variety of different organizations and communities such as Rotary, the local library, local churches, local schools, local Chamber of Commerce, tribal leaders and tribal members, City Council members, City employees and officials, veterans as well as small and large businesses in the early stages of building GCN is an extreme necessity. Learning about the needs of the community by meeting people at their places of worship or workplace or wherever is a best fit is true engagement and has organically developed friendships, ideas, and real human connections. These relationships and collaborations are the core of GCN and the upcoming projects for 2018 and 2019 are a direct result of conversations that have taken place in the past 4 months.

Upcoming GCN events:

Polish Fest 2018 – Oct. 21
A long-awaited Polish Fest is finally coming, and it will be held on Franklin Street. With the support of many members of the Polish Fest living locally in Norwich, Greenville all the way to Colchester and New Britain, the excitement is quickly growing daily as we progress with festival plans. The famous Polanie Polish Folk Dancers from New Britain, the hall of famed Maestro’s Men, The Divine Providence Church and many more other Polish community members are all on board for this great event.

Sunday Indoor Global Markets – Nov. 2018 to May 2019

2019 Festivals: Haitian Festival, Cape Verde, Tibetan Festival, International Zombie Run, Puerto Rico Festival, Filipino Festival, Pacific Islands Festival, Mediterranean Festival, Ellis W. Ruley Art Festival and much more in the works.

More Good News for Taftville!

On September 21, there was a Phase 1 Ribbon Cutting and Phase 2 Groundbreaking at the Lofts at Ponemah Mill. The new facility is currently 97% occupied, and by the time this newsletter comes out, the 116 units of the first phase of the redevelopment will be completely filled. That’s the ribbon cutting portion. The facility had its financial closing on July 12th for the second phase (121 units), the construction of which is already 48% complete at this time!  The owners expect the lease up to be equally as rapid due to the location, the magnificent facility, and its amenities. Combine the Ponemah Mill redevelopment and the new Hills at River View Apartments (300+ units) just a bit further up on CT RT 97, Taftville is turning out to be a great location for an entirely new generation of workers.

The tenants that are locating at these two large residential facilities are generally designed for studio, 1-bedroom, and 2-bedroom apartments. The prime targets for residents are single individuals, couples or some single parents with a child.  To date, there are less than 30 children residing within the two facilities. Approximately 40% of the occupants work at either EB or the Subase showing the regional nature of housing.

Other indications of improving condition of Taftville is the increase in the number of calls related to locating businesses and investors considering the area. Recently, the Coordinating Committee (made up of the City’s enforcement officials, the offices of the NPU, Assessor, and NCDC have met with several entities looking for locations in Taftville.

June 2018 Newsletter

June 2018 | Newsletter

There are a number of projects currently underway, predominantly in the Downtown area of Franklin Street, Main Street, and Broadway. These developments total nearly $14 million of direct economic investment for the city of Norwich—just in Downtown alone! I am pleased to share and expand upon a few of these developments with you today:

FRANKLIN FOUNDING. It was the developments surfacing on of Franklin Street that sparked an economic expansion in Downtown Norwich. These Guys, the popular brewpub located on 76 Franklin Street, was nearly a $1 million development that started to stimulate growth five years ago. 30-66 Franklin Street boasts of three champion occupants— Foundry 66 ($400,000); Epicure Brewing ($900,000) and Rose City Fitness ($165,000)—with an additional $1 million in the pipeline for an additional three units. That’s over $2.5 million of investment in just one building!

BROADWAY BOOM. Seven out of thirteen buildings are currently in re-development on Broadway Street. The Fairhaven Building, 26 Broadway, sold late last year and will be undergoing a $1 million renovation for its 18 residential apartments. 51 Broadway, a mixed-use, retail apartment complex is nearing completion of a $400,000 renovation. Both 59 and 54 Broadway, respectively, are experiencing $500,000 re-developments. 80 Broadway, a 5,500’ sq. ft. property that has been city-owned since 1964, sold in April to a private investor. The Castle Building (former People’s Bank) at 4 Broadway, purchased in 2016, has a new anchor tenant set to move in late summer or early fall of this year.

Craftsman Cliff Roasters, an eclectic coffee roasting house at 34 Broadway, opened just last month after undergoing a $150,000 redevelopment process, aided in part by NCDC.

MAIN STREET SURGE. The infamous Reid & Hughes building of 201 Main Street was adopted by the Women’s Institute and is on track for the beginning of a $6 million redevelopment project for veteran housing. Development for this substantial venture began just under a month ago. This month, 88 Main Street began a fully-funded renovation of its mixed-use retail and residential space. 77-91 Main Street, a 3600’ sq. ft. mixed-use retail building just sold at $500,000. Eastern Savings Bank is halfway through a $1.65 million redevelopment project on the fourth and fifth floors of 257 Main Street.

May 2017 Newsletter


May at Foundry 66

Small Business Is What We Do

Foundry 66 CoWork Space understands the needs of small business. Powered by Norwich Community Development Corporation, Norwich’s Economic Development agency, we have a long reputation of working with small business in Norwich and the region to help get them going and growing. Foundry 66 offers not only tangible office and work space for small business, but also virtual office space (in case you are just looking for an address to register your business), conference rooms, event space, networking, educational classes and more.


Foundry 66 is running a special for the month of May.  If you sign up for Flex Space (think open seating like Starbucks that includes printing) in May you pay only $75 a month for 6 months.




Tuesday, May 9 

6:30-8 Kickoff for the BBC – Business Book Club stop on in! LEARN MORE


Wednesday, May 10

4-6 Wine Down Wednesday – FREE Open House and Networking LEARN MORE


Friday, May 12

12-1 – Tips for Talking to the Media with Bernadette Grecki – Grecki Consulting $20 Lunch 


Saturday, May 13

9-12 AM Restorative & Meditation Workshop with John Benbow $45 Register with John LEARN MORE


Tuesday, May 16

6-8 PM Quickbooks Real Estate Management Training with Jena Williams

$125 for 4 part series.

Register Here


Wednesday, May 17

6-8 – Excel at Excel – Formulas and Functions – $25/class

Register Here


Thursday, May 18

6PM – Greater Norwich Area Technology Meetup

6-8 PM – Trivia Night – Teams of 3 sign up – FREE – Register by


Friday, May 19

12-1 Lunch and Learn – Your Company Brand, Why it’s so Important – with Bernadette Grecki – Grecki Consulting $20 Lunch Provided



Wednesday, May 24

4-6 PM Wine Down Wednesday Open House and Networking – FREE


Thursday, May 25 

4-5 PM HR Series Part 1 – First of 4 1 hour discussions about HR with Lisa Sanders of HR Masterpiece



Friday, May 26

12-1 – Lunch and Learn – Video Marketing for Business with Arnold Alina of Barnberry Productions – Bring Your Own Lunch

Norwich Named One of Countries Best Minor League Baseball Towns


Thomas Dodd Stadium photo courtesy of CT Tigers_thumb_201312021626348880

One of Norwich’s best kept secrets has always been it’s minor league team at Dodd Stadium.  It is a secret no more!  The Connecticut Tigers a minor league affiliate of the Detroit Tigers has been named one of America’s Best Minor League Baseball Teams.  How did they factor all of this you may wonder?  The answer may surprise you! The authors took into account Violent Crime, Property Crime, Disposable Income, Unemployment, and Dining and Entertainment. They also looked at team win percentage, stadium experience and minor league class.  Norwich came in 6th overall.  We recommend you take a look at the article yourself.  Congratulations Connecticut Tigers and City of Norwich!

Read Article

Economic Development as a Team Sport


Did you ever notice that all sports are not ‘team’ sports?  Some such as boxing or skiing depend on the skills of an individual over the coordinated approach of a team like basketball or soccer (congratulations Germany on the World Cup Championship, by the way!) Did you ever think about how much different managing a team may be than an individual athlete?  Team sports involve many more personalities and differences that can be much more difficult to guide than those required of a single top athlete.  That is much like the difference between successful – sustained economic development growth and short term gains.

One of the key philosophies universal among high performance regions of economic development is the understanding that there may be superstars at work but, as individuals they stand little chance of changing the economic structure of a region, a city, a business park, a neighborhood, a block, or street alone.  Economic development is much more of a team sport than the perfect skills of a single player.

Going it alone or as a team, what a choice!  After doing this kind of work for well over a decade, we have learned that the go it alone route is hard work, frequently less than rewarding and not the way to success, especially as an organization such as NCDC or a community such as Norwich or as a region such as eastern Connecticut.  That’s the reason you will see NCDC staff investing time and energy in regional initiatives that improve the situation and economy beyond the geopolitical boundaries of Norwich, the community we all have in our hearts and minds every day.  To the north we are working on strengthening relationships with communities who have large plots of level land suitable for larger projects requiring larger sites than available in Norwich. To the south you may see us working with the regional economic development entity called the Southeastern Connecticut Enterprise Region, (SeCTer).  SeCTer has recently been successful in securing the region as an Economic Development District (EDD) which means projects listed in the regional Comprehensive Economic Development Strategies (CEDS) are now eligible for federal funding.  This is significant to Norwich with over 15 projects listed and more on the way!

We regularly work with two chambers of commerce (Eastern and Greater Norwich) and as many as four and five (Westerly, Mystic, and Windham!) at various times of the year. Why? Because we never know where the next business opportunity connection may come from AND we support business and THEIR regional networks.  There are two commercial real estate groups in our area and we are working with (SeCTer CID and ECAR) and supporting their brokers who are hard at work every day siting businesses. These connections not only help with individual business opportunities but are important in helping brand Norwich as a location where the TEAM works hard on behalf of business!

Thank you to our team!  In addition to the organizations and members of those mentioned above, you have a super team here in the City of Norwich and its many great departments, Norwich Police Department and the Community Police Unit, Norwich Public Utilities- the hardest working utility in Connecticut, great cultural centers here like Slater Museum, The Historical Society, The Founders Society, The Spirit of Broadway, The Leffingwell House Museum, Otis Library and others. The fact is that selling Norwich to businesses is fun and rewarding because of these organizations and their supporters.

Mostly, we thank you, the citizens and workforce of Norwich and the region.  You make this place what it is and help us do our job by being here.